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Koala Estudios is a recording studio and music production company located in Barcelona dedicated to recording, music production, mixing and mastering.

Recording studio and music production in Barcelona

Recording studio and music production in Barcelona

Koala studios is a comprehensive music production company and recording studio located in Barcelona. We put at your disposal our passion for music, and all our experience over more than 30 years with national and international artists of all types and musical styles.

Who we are

Professional music recording and production

“If it’s in your head, it sure is possible, and we will help you carry it out.”

Koala studios is a recording studio and professional music production company located in Barcelona and directed by Alberto Quintero, a renowned composer and music producer as well as a sound engineer, with more than 30 years of musical career working with national and international artists, more than 20 millions of records sold around the world and millions of listeners accumulated on YouTube and Spotify.

Our list of clients during all these years speaks for itself, and you will see that we have collaborated with important artists both in Spain and abroad in the US, UK, Mexico, France and even Australia, and produced different styles ranging from Opera to reggaeton, going through Pop, House, or Spanish music and flamenco.

Koala Studios - Music production in Barcelona

If you are looking for an arranger for your songs, a music producer for your project, quality original songs from professional composers, scores to record orchestra, or someone who simply creates a good basis for rapping or singing, tell us exactly what you want to do, and we will make you a budget to suit you.

But if you want to go further, you believe in yourself and you want to bet on your real project, and you want to turn it into a professional production that you can show successfully in record companies, or sell on your own on online platforms, or simply be able to show it to get bowling with your group, we are your best option in Barcelona.

Our commitment is the same with all our clients, and our hallmark is quality above all else, because it is just what has allowed us to say that after more than 30 years in the industry, we continue to stand and live from our passion: music. And we will continue to do so and help artists and groups for another 30 more, if they let us… Will you let us help you?

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