Recording studio in Barcelona located 10 min. walk from Sants station. Recording studio in Barcelona located 10 min. walk from Sants station. Welcoming atmosphere and professional quality at an affordable price for any budget.

Professional recording studio

Recording studio in Barcelona

Koala studios - Professional recording studio in Barcelona

Koala Studios is the recording studio of Alberto Quintero, composer and musical producerof national and international artists, with more than more than 30 years of experience in the sector, more than 20 million records sold worldwide, and millions of listeners accumulated on YouTube and Spotify.

We offer you a warm and welcoming atmosphere in one of the best recording studios in the city, so that you feel comfortable, and you can give free rein to your creativity, and guided by our tech team, you can get the sound you are looking for for your projects, regardless of your musical style or budget.


Music production

Get in our facilities the type of sound that others look for in recording studios outside of Spain. Raise the quality of your project in a professional recording studio, which allows you to show it in an increasingly competitive market, and sell it on different digital platforms.


Professional-quality digital audio recording with ProTools HDX, high-quality digital converters and preamps, and the best microphones for all kinds of musical and audiovisual productions. Our 15-meter room with variable acoustics allows recordings of any type of style and groups of musicians.


Get a mix that can compete on the same level with commercial mixes. It is not true that everything is fixed in the mix, but it is true that everything can be spoiled in a bad mix. If you are looking for quality, and your work aspires to compete with other artists on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube, we are your best option.

Mastering Online

Do you need to do a DDP? Mastering for iTunes or Spotify? We master using both vintage analog gear and cutting-edge digital outboard. Send us your tracks, album, EP, or single or master, and we will deliver them to you on the same day. Call us and you will receive a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.

Musical arrangement

Do you need musical arrangements? Record strings, and you’re not a musician or you don’t know anything about orchestra or sheet music? We have been orchestrating and arranging songs for artists inside and outside of Spain for more than 30 years. We will record any instrument, and we will create the score and the parts to record with a symphony orchestra.

Voice overs

Are you looking for a voice that speaks for your brand? We have a wide catalog of professional announcers in several languages, different age ranges and types of voice, and with immediate availability, even on the same day, to carry out any radio and advertising job, at a really competitive price.

Original Music

If you need original music for your commercial, film, documentary or TV show, we are soundtrack composers. Take a look at our portfolio and trajectory of more than 30 years in the sector, working for national and regional television channels and producers in programs of all kinds.


Looking for music for a TV spot, jingle or radio spot? We have a catalog of more than 40,000 royalty-free music tracks at competitive prices. Check what type of license you need for your project, to obtain professional quality music at the best market price.

Outboard and microphones Koala Estudios - Our Equipment
Outboard and microphones Class A

Our equipment

of mix and mastering

Although we are a medium-sized studio, our wide variety of outboards and microphones is totally original (no second brands or clones), and at the level of the best recording studios in Barcelona, including such recognized brands as Neve, Api, SSL, Shadow Hills, Crane Song, Neumann or Telefunken.


We have three rooms, all of them with natural light and air conditioning, two of them with variable acoustics and conditioned for recording and mixing, and a relaxation area with space and everything you need to rest and free your mind between sessions, and be able to return to work with renewed ideas and energy.

recording room at Koala Studios

Recording live room

15 m2

15 m2 soundproofed recording room with variable acoustics, to record sections of 4-5 wind and string musicians, accompanied soloists or duets, or drums, bass and guitars.

Control room or mixing room

Control Room

18 m2

Our control room of 18 m2 offers a cozy and conditioned environment for mixing and producing, and also for recording vocals, guitars or instruments that require drier acoustics.

Relax Room Koala Studios

Relax zone

28 m2

Our 28 m2 relaxation area has everything you need to rest between sessions, including Wi-Fi, a dining bar, and kitchen utensils and appliances such as a microwave, coffee maker, etc…

Music production, mixing and mastering

We are your studio if you need…

#1. Full music recording and production

Completely produce your song, EP or album, in one of the best recording studios in Barcelona, whether you are a singer, group or band. From the arrangements or the creation of the bases, to the mastering and the manufacture of your CD, through the editing, tuning and mixing of all the songs.

#2. Professional quality mix

Convert your demo into a quality product to upload to your social networks, that brings you concerts, or a contract with a label or record company, or that you can sell without problems in physical format, or send for digital distribution to different platforms.

#3. Analog and digital mastering

Take your mix to the next level, make it competitive and get the most out of it, helped by the experience of professionals with more than 30 years making records for artists from all over the world.

Studio recording rates

Nuestra experiencia y años en el sector, nos permite darte calidad al nivel de los mejores estudios de grabación en Barcelona, pero con unos precios al alcance de cualquier persona. Si buscas un estudio de grabación barato, no somos tu opción, pero si buscas uno donde grabar tu música con garantía de calidad, ¡Bienvenido a Koala Studios!

  • Alquiler estudio de grabación (€/hora), desde 70€ 60€

    1ª hora SETUP 90€. Sesiones de 8 horas/día. Incluye Ingeniero. Grabación, edición, compos, afinación de voces, etc…

  • Alquiler estudio – Pack 4h. 270€ 229€

    Descuento del 15%. Incluída 1ª hora SETUP + Ingeniero.

  • Alquiler estudio – Pack 8h 510€ 399€

    Descuento del 21,6%. Incluída 1ª hora SETUP + Ingeniero.

  • Pack Grabación + Mezcla + Mastering (8h) 690€ 500€

    (Oferta para bandas y grupos). Incluída 1ª hora SETUP + Ingeniero. Incluye 6h de grabación + 2h de mezcla y mastering rápidos.

  • Producción musical, desde 60€

    Grabación de voces o instrumentos, producción musical de EP o Disco, etc… (Más información sobre precios de producción musical).

  • Mezcla online (€/hora), desde 90€

    Mezcla Híbrida Digital Analógica ITB (In the box) con ProTools Ultimate. Entrega hasta en 24 horas. (Más información sobre precios de mezcla online).

  • Mastering online (€/tema), desde 59€

    Mastering Híbrido Analógico Digital. Entrega hasta en el mismo día, máximo 24 horas.(Más información sobre precios de mastering online).

  • Arreglos musicales 99€

    Orquestación y arreglos musicales para tus temas, beats urbanos, instrumentales de rap, etc… (Más información sobre arreglos musicales).


These are some of the artists that we have produced or with whom we have collaborated over more than 30 years in the music industry, for companies such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Decca Gold or Syco in the US, UK, Japan, Spain, Mexico and even Australia.

IL Divo
IL Divo
Ana Gabriel
Ana Gabriel
Boyz II Men
Boyz II Men
Juan Gabriel
Juan Gabriel
Beatriz Luengo
Beatriz Luengo
Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Chenoweth
Paul Anka
Paul Anka
Pastora Soler
Pastora Soler
Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson
Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger
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