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Mixing music online

Online Mixing is something that is here to stay. In fact, today most of the mixes we do are with tracks previously sent online, or on a hard drive by the labels or the producer, and that we mix without their presence or that of the artist.

Asengineers we must make many decisions in the mix, most of them technical, but also artistic, which are precisely what make the difference between a good mix, and a mix that moves. Actually, if a mix, whether online or offline, does not excite the engineer who is mixing, it will hardly do it later to the public who listens to it.

What is Mixing - Analog Digital Sound Mixing

What is Mixing

Mixing is a technical process, but also a very creative one, and the most important part of a musical production, because it is what ends up giving the final product that everyone listens and buys. This fact is recognized in many countries (not in Spain), and sound engineers receive between 1%-2% of royalties from the sale of the records they mix.

When mixing we always try to follow the indications and criteria of the artist and / or producer, although many times the producers themselves ask us to propose them something different, or to find that something that makes the song shine above the others. At Koala studios we will help you take your mix to 100% of its potential.

What differentiates Koala Studios from the rest of the recording studios in Barcelona.

What differentiates us from the rest of studios

  1. Our studio has a hybrid mixing environment, without a mixer, combining the best of the digital world, and some of the most recognized pieces of analog hardware in the industry.
  2. The mixing process is ITB (In the box) with ProTools Ultimate, using high quality interfaces, clock and professional AD / DA converters, although most of the tracks are processed through the analog outboard before entering the DAW.
  3. We have more than 200 original plugins, including the most used plugins in the industry: Waves, Plugin Alliance, SoundToys, Slate Digital, etc…
  4. We will deliver the master in the format you need, normally 24bits and 48Khz, which you can send to any studio to master if you wish.

What we do and what we don’t do in a mix

We do not fix tuning problems on vocals or instruments. (*)
We do not make compos, nor do we fix performance issues. (*)
We do not edit tracks to fix tempo problems. (*)
We do not replace drum sounds, nor do we adjust with Beat Detective. (*)
We do not reamp guitars, nor do we correct their effects.(*)
We do not master the track. Mastering is a separate process not included.
We mix with the same passion without looking at the client or their budget.
We contribute our experience to improve what is possible, and get the best out of each song, always following the criteria of the producer or artist.
We deliver you a professional and competitive final product, at the same level as your favorite group or artist, always depending on the quality of the tracks.
We offer you to perform reviews on the mix, and a continuous dialogue with the engineer throughout the mixing process.

(*) If you need to do some of these production work on your tracks, check our rates on the Music Production page.

Professional mixing fees

Indicative prices based on 3-4 minute tracks


299€ /Track

  • Price per track
  • 3 mixing hours
  • Digital mix ITB (In the box)
  • 1 Revision
  • Format 24bits / 44.1 – 48Khz
  • Online same day delivery
  • Professional quality


599€ /Track

  • Price per track
  • 6 mixing hours
  • Digital mix ITB (In the box)
  • 2 Revisions
  • Format 24bits / 44.1 – 48Khz
  • Online same day delivery
  • Professional quality


999€ /Track

  • Price per track
  • 9 mixing hours
  • Hybrid analog / digital mix
  • 3 Revisions
  • Format 24bits / 44.1 – 48Khz
  • Online delivery in 24 hours
  • Basic Mastering incl.
Any questions?


Answers to the most common doubts our clients have.

How and in what format do you have to send us the tracks to mix?
You can send us the tracks on a hard drive, or hang them on an FTP that you give us access to, or through a link to a cloud application such as Wetransfer, Dropbox, or whatever you use.
The tracks must be exported to WAV format 24bits and 48khz, or failing that to 24bits and 44.1khz.
If possible, send us clean tracks, without normalizing, compression, equalization, or effects, and if you need them, export them to separate stereo tracks.
Tracks must not have clips or audio distortions.
We will need a pre-mix of the mix on your part for reference

Does Koala studios do free mixing tests?

We do not do free trials. We understand that before entrusting a job to someone you have to be sure who you hire. But that’s what our previous works, are for, which you can consult as a reference to know how your mixes can sound if you work with us.

What if my tracks are not of sufficient quality?

Before we start mixing we review all the material received and listen to the premix. If we understand that we cannot achieve our quality standard with such material, we will tell you before we begin. If you can’t fix it and finally decide not to mix, we’ll give you your money back.

How is the payment made, methods and conditions?
Depending on the number of songs to be mixed, we will ask you for an amount in advance to reserve the studio.
Payment must be made through Paypal or by bank transfer before starting to mix.
You can cancel the work up to 24 hours before the day set for the mix, communicating it by email, telephone, or through the contact form on the website. We will make the refund effective in the same payment method in which you have made it.
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