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Are you looking for a music producer in Barcelona? Koala studios is all you need.

Music producer in Barcelona

A good music producer can be the difference between an artist or group that makes it to the charts and another that remains as amateur. Our experience and list of clients speak for themselves, and allow us to ensure that we can help you get what you are looking for, with the degree of demand that others look for outside of Spain.

We have been working with top international artists for years in all kinds of musical styles, and we will be happy to put all our experience at the service of your music, so that it sounds like that of your favorite artists and you can make it profitable, only without having to go to the US or UK to get it.

If you are looking for a music producer, you have come to the right place, and if you choose us, you will be in good hands.

Musical Producer in Barcelona - Music Production at Koala Studios

Why produce your song at Koala studios?

You will work with producers who have been in charge of productions of international artists in the US, UK or Japan, who have sold millions of albums around the world and accumulate millions of listeners on Spotify.
Our arrangers have worked on hundreds of albums of all kinds of styles, in addition to movies, television series, theater and commercials, and can perform from any type of urban beat or rap instrumentals, to a complete orchestral arrangement for any of your songs.
You can record your voice with iconic and unusual microphones in Barcelona such as the Telefunken U47, the microphone with which Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson used to record, and now Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande or J Balvin, among others.
We offer you a complete team of professionals who will work in a coordinated way from the first note of the arrangement, to the last touch-up of the mastering, optimizing the time and money invested in the production of your song, EP or Album.
Latest works

Latest productions

These are some of the latest productions that we have carried out at Koala Studios, from the most genuine motown sound, to reggaeton and international pop.

Music production

We are looking for new talents

“If it’s in your head, it sure is possible, and we will help you carry it out.”

At Koala Studios we are really proud to have been part as musical producers of the success of some of the artists on the current scene, and we are really interested in promoting and helping new musical proposals, collaborating with the expenses and work that this implies.

We are not only a professional recording studio, but a comprehensive music production company where we like to create artists from scratch. Are you an original artist, with talent, image and innovative proposals? Contact us and let’s talk…

Recording and production fees

  • Recording and / or production of voices and instruments (€ / hour), from 70€60€

    1ª hour SETUP 90€. Sessions of 8 hours / day. Includes Engineer. Recording, editing, composing, voice tuning, etc…

  • Recording and / or editing – Pack 4 hours 270€ 229€

    15% discount. Included 1st hour SETUP + Engineer.

  • Recording and / or editing – Pack 8 hours 510€ 399€

    Discount of 21.6%. Included 1st hour SETUP + Engineer.

  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering – Full Day Pack (8 hours) 690€ 500€

    (Offer for bands and groups). Included 1st hour SETUP + Engineer. Includes 6h of recording + 2h of basic mixing and basic digital mastering.

  • Music production in any style, from 999€

    Programmed musical arrangements (NOT real instruments). Possibility of creating scores.

  • Mix online (€/hour), from 90€

    Hybrid Digital Analog Mixing (In the box) with ProTools. Delivery up to 24 hours. Click for more information on mix online prices.

  • Mastering online (€/track), from 99€

    Hybrid Analog Digital Mastering. Maximum delivery 24 hours. Click for more information on mastering online prices

Other services

  • Recording studio rental (€/hour), from 60€

    Sessions of 8 hours / day. Includes Engineer. Recording, editing, vocal tuning, etc… (More information on recording studio rental prices).

  • Musical arrangements 99€

    Orchestration and musical arrangements for your songs, urban beats, rap instrumentals, etc… (More information on musical arrangements).

  • Original or stock music 49€

    Original or stock music to synchronize with the voice. Delivery up to the same day, maximum 24 hours. (More information about original or stock music).

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