Koala Studios has vintage analog and digital hardware, along with a modern ProTools Ultimate HDX recording system of the highest quality.

Our equipment

Outboard Gear

“Do you want to record your voice with the same mic that Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson used to record?”

We are a medium-sized studio, but all our analog equipment, digital outboard and microphones are at the level of other large recording studios in Barcelona, including some unique pieces that you can only find at Koala Studios.

All our hardware and cabling is high quality and original (not second brands or clones), and includes such prestigious brands as SSL, Neve, Api, Telefunken, Neumann, AKG, Shadow Hills, Crane Song, Mogami or Vovox.

Microphones available at Koala Studios


1 x Telefunken U47
2 x Neumann U87 Ai (Matched)
2 x Neumann KM184 mt (Matched)
2 x Colles 4038 mt (Matched)
2 x Sennheiser MD421-II
2 x Sennheiser E604
1 x AKG C1000
1 x Shure Beta 52A
1 x Audix D6
2 x Shure SM57 LC
1 x Shure Beta 57A
1 x Shure SM58

Audio preamp and compressor for voice and instrument recording


2 x Neve 1073 DPA (Stereo)
2 x API Audio 512c (Stereo)
2 x API Audio 3124+ (4 canales)
2 x TLA Audio 5051 Ivory
1 x ART Tube Opto 8


1 x Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
1 x API Audio 2500 Stereo Compressor
1 x Universal Audio 1176 LN
1 x Universal Audio LA-2A
1 x SSL XR626 Stereo Bus Compressor
2 x SSL XR418 E-Series Dynamics
1 x Behringer Autocom Pro MDX1400

Koala Studios and its sound system


Mac Pro 3Ghz 8 Core Intel Xeon E5 (64GB Ram)
ProTools HDX
Mac Pro G5 Dual QuadCore Intel Xeon E5620 (28GB Ram)
ProTools HD3
1 x Crane Song HEDD 192
1 x MTRX
2 x 192 I/O Digidesign
1 x 96 I/O Digidesign
1 x Apogee Rosetta 800
1 x Motu 828 MKII
Motu Midi Express 128
Motu Miditime Piece AV
1 x RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632
1 x Behringer Eurorack MX1604A

Effects reverb delays


1 x GML 8200
2 x API 550b
2 x SSL XR425 E-Series EQ
1 x Behringuer Ultra-Graph Pro GEQ3102


1 x TC System 6000
1 x Virtualizer Pro Behringer
1 x Yamaha R100
1 x Yamaha EMP1000


ProTools Ultimate, HD 12, 11 & 10
Logic Audio PRO X, 10 & 9


1 x Foxtex D2424LV Multipistas
1 x Philips CD Recorder CDR880
1 x ADAT Sony DTC-690
1 x Cassette deck
1 x Sony CD
1 x Canopus ADVC 110

Headphones and monitors available at Koala Studios


1 x Dangerous Music Monitor ST
1 x Mackie Big Knob
2 x Genelec 1030A (Pareja)
1 x Genelec 7060 BPM (Sub)
1 x Yamaha NSM 10
1 x AGL M-8
1 x Etapa Yamaha 150W
1 x Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro-XL


1 x Sony MDR-7506
1 x Sony MDR-7510
1 x Sony MDR-7520
1 x Shure SRH840
2 x AKG 141

Instruments or backline available at koala studios


Piano Clavinova CPC
Roland XP-80 + Expansions
Korg DW-8000
Akai S-1000
Akai S-3000
Akai S-5000
Kurzweill K-2500R
Novation Supernova II
Access Virus B
Roland XV-3080
Yamaha FS1R
Guit. Acoustic Martin DCPA5K
Guit. Spanish
Bass Fender Deluxe JazzBass 5 Strings
Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash-5
Zildjian K-Series Profi Promo Pack

Meinl SH7-L-BK Fiberglass Shaker
Millenium AF200 Cabasa
Gewa Claves
Meinl CH66HF Chimes
Meinl CL1RW Claves
Meinl AE-MTA2BO Artisan Tambourine
Meinl ES-SET Egg Shaker Set
Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.33 B
Meinl SH4BK Live Shaker
Gewa Jingle Band
Sonor GTR10 Triangle
Millenium RT100 BK
Millenium HT200 BL
LP CP374 Sleigh Bells

Audio plugins available at Koala Studios


Abbey Road Saturator
Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain
Ampfarm 3
Anthology 2.0 Eventyde FULL
Autotune EFX
Autotune pro
Avid Complete Plugin Bundle
Brickwall Limiter TDM
CLA EchoSphere
CLA Epic
DVR2 TC Electronics Rever
Eleven Digidesign Amp
Epure + AAX DSP
H3000 Factory PTHD
Line 6 Echo Farm
LX480 Complete Rever
Master X3 TC Electronics
MD3 Stereo Mastering
MDW Hi.Res Param. EQ
NonLin2 Stereo EFX TC
NS1 Noise Suppressor

OVox Vocal ReSynthesis
Oxford Dynamics HD UB
Phoenix Crane Song
Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle
Rever One
Sans Amp PSA-1
Slate Digital V. Analog Bundle
Slate Digital V. Buss Compressor
Slate Digital V. Console Collection
Slate Digital V. Tape Machines
SoundToys Complete
Space AVID
TL Drum Rehab
Trigger (*)
VSS3 Rever TC Electronics
Waves Mercury
Waves SSL Studio Classics Collection
Waves Z-Noise

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