Musical arrangements

Every great production is supported by a great musical arrangement made by a professional

Professional musical arranger in Barcelona

Professional music arranger in Barcelona

A great song is not without the support of a good musical arrangement, and behind a good arrangement there is always a great musical arranger. It takes years of experience to be able to give each song just what it needs, and for it to become a hit that has millions of listeners.

In the US or UK they are called “Hit Makers” but here it is the arrangers who in 99% of the cases play this role, while the alleged producers are limited to dealing with the companies and the studio.

Are you looking for a musical arranger for your production? Well, we have the best, professionals who have been behind some of the most recent successes of international artists and groups, and who have arranged hundreds of records, as well as for film, television, theater and advertising.

What is a musical arrangement

What is a musical arrangement

A musical arrangement is the set of modifications and changes in the harmony, melody, orchestration and structure of the parts of a musical theme, carried out by a professional composer called an arranger, which lead a song to work better for a certain musical formation, and to captivate the listener’s attention in a more effective way.

Arrange a song is not limited only to assigning the notes to be played by each instrument in an orchestra, band or group in a concert, but to rethinking the entire structure of a theme from beginning to end, and modifying the flow of its parts to turn it into something better without losing its essence.

The arranger must also have knowledge of orchestration and composition, which allows him to introduce changes in the melody and parts of the theme, as well as having the ability to build introductions, transitions or modulations and endings.

You need a music arranger if:

Check the following cases to find out if you need the services of a musical arranger.
You’ve created a track in your sequencer or DAW, but you need someone professional to flip it and re-style it, or turn it into something more effective and commercial.
You have a lyrics and you need a beat to rap, or you have composed a melody and you need to build a complete playback with real instruments or not, to be able to sing on it.
You have a song already recorded but you need to adapt it for another type of orchestral formation or music band.
You are a producer or arranger without knowledge of orchestration, and you need to convert those strings, brass or choirs that you have played on the computer, into a score and parts that can be performed by a professional band, symphony orchestra or choir.
You need to transcribe a piano or guitar audio that you like to a sheet music that you can play with your favorite instrument.

Do you need to record with a symphony orchestra?

We have been recording albums and audiovisual projects by artists around the world for more than 15 years with a symphony orchestra, and we can advise you on all the steps to follow so that your recording is a success and your music is heard as you imagine it in your head. We will organize everything for you, including scores and even the orchestration of your songs based on a midi or mp3, so that you just attend the session and enjoy the experience of listening to your music in a big way.

Musical arrangement fees

Indicative prices based on 3-4 minute tracks



99€ /Track

  • Price per track
  • Transcription of individual scores
  • Urban beats, rap instrumentals (+100€)
  • Arrangement Drums / Bass / Keys (+200€)
  • Audio is delivered at 24bits / 44.1 – 48Khz
  • Online delivery in 1-2 days
  • Professional quality



599€ /Track

  • Price per track
  • Band sheet music transcription
  • Complete non-symphonic arrangements (+100€)
  • Score and parts not included (+€200)
  • Audio is delivered at 24bits / 44.1 – 48Khz
  • Online delivery in 2-3 days
  • Professional quality



999€ /Track

  • Price per track
  • Symphonic sheet music transcription
  • Complete arrangements for orchestra (+1500€)
  • Score and parts included
  • Audio is delivered at 24bits / 44.1 – 48Khz
  • Online delivery in 4-5 days
  • Professional quality

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